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The Association is established to bridge the connections between the Pakistani students from different universities in Japan and try to solve their problems and organize social events of gatherings.

Facebook Platforms

PSAJ runs two Facebook platforms – a Facebook page and a PSAJ Alumni Facebook group.

The Facebook Group is for Pakistani scholars and alumni to be able to ask each other questions and serves as a forum for people to ask for advice and therefore help each other!

If you are Pakistani scholar or alumni from Japan, access this page, request to join and answer the questions. Once an admin reviews your answers, you will be let in and be able to interact with others.

Otherwise, the easiest way to stay in touch with PSAJ is to give us a like on our Facebook Page to get information such as events, job postings and other useful information!

Hint: the button to like us can also be found on this page either on the right (on PCs) or at the bottom (on mobile).

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    “Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students who have always been in the forefront in the hour of trial and need. You are the nation’s leaders of tomorrow and you must fully equip yourself by discipline, education and training for the arduous task lying ahead of you. You should realise the magnitude of your responsibility and be ready to bear it.” – Addressing the Punjab Muslim Students Federation at Lahore on October 31, 1947

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah

    “What we have to do is to mobilise our people and build up the character of our future generation. In short, this means the highest sense of honour, integrity, selfless service to the nation and sense of responsibility, and we have to see that our people are fully qualified and equipped to play their part in the various branches of economic life in a manner which will do honour to Pakistan.”

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah

    “It is in your hands, we undoubtedly have talents, Pakistan is blessed with enormous resources and potential. Providence has endowed us with all the wealth of nature and now it lies with man to make the best of it.”

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah